The personality of your brand

Brand is a customer’s overall perception of your business. In order to get there you follow the brand building process, the ongoing effort to establish long-term relationships with your customers. This can lead to a steady increase in sales, more projects, word-of-mouth referrals, and advocacy for your products or services.

One important element in that process is to let your Brand Personality shine. Customers aren’t looking for another cookie-cutter company who offers the same thing as everyone else. They are looking for an experience tailored to their needs, backed by genuine personal interaction.


How to brand your business in a unique way to your audience?  Make your personality stand out in every aspect of your brand building process. And be consistent on that!

The effectiveness of brand personality will increase brand equity by having consistent set of characteristics that a particular consumer segment enjoys. This personality is a qualitative value-add that a brand gains in addition to its functional benefits.

Under this framework a company shapes the way people feel about its product, service, or mission. A company’s brand personality elicits an emotional response in a specific consumer segment, with the intention of inciting positive actions that benefit the brand of the firm

Share to your “people” your brand’s personality!


ValueTourismo: What is Sourcing?

What is Sourcing?

Sourcing is the stage that comes before any purchases are made and can be considered a subsection of the procurement department of a sourcing company. Before you can procure materials from your suppliers, you must first find and vet those suppliers. When you have an effective strategic sourcing process in place, you’ll find reliable, affordable, and quality suppliers to supply the goods you need. Good work here makes the procurement process more streamlined and efficient.

Sourcing is about finding the balance between the quality of raw materials and the affordability. The less you can spend on materials, the more profit your business can earn. But, if you are too cheap and buy shoddy materials, your resulting product is of lesser quality. It is important to retain standards of quality because your customers want quality, too! Here, marketing services play a crucial role.

Sourcing is a balancing act. It is the process of requesting quotes for new products, obtaining vendor information and uploading into your procurement software, determining the lead time, pricing, minimum order quantities, and so on. Generally, this is done one time for each supplier, with the exception of updating pricing information. However, because it’s important to have a backup supplier or two in case one is not able to meet your needs for any reason, sourcing departments are always busy. With global sourcing you may find a more expensive supplier may be more reliable and able to deal with larger volumes than your preferred cheaper alternative. Or you may need to identify alternative suppliers due to supply chain risks.

Before sourcing can begin, you must assess your purchasing needs, map out a plan, conduct market research, and identify potential suppliers. After all this is completed, you’ll then evaluate the suppliers, and then choose the most suitable supplier for the need. Then, the process repeats for all other purchasing needs, until suppliers are in place for everything you.

These are all these necessary steps to Sourcing. One step further is to tight all the above with a good Branding strategy that will make the product collection to beat the rivals in the market!

Do you know the 5 A’s of tourism?

The tourism industry as a whole survives because of various tourism products and services. Tourism industry is flexible. The products of tourism cannot be easily standardized as they are created for the customers of varied interests and demands. That’s making the marketing strategy of companies very difficult but the tourism products very strong. As the tourism products are mainly the tourists’ experience, they can be stored only in the tourists’ memories. Yet , souvenir products can keep some parts of the memories in them!

Shaping the value offerings for tourism we need to consider -apart from the marketing strategy- the 5 A’s of tourism:

 These are:

  1. Attraction: It includes all those factors which attract a tourist. It could be a place, nature, lakes, beach, monuments etc.
  2. Accessibility: It is how to access or reach to that place of attraction. Ways to reach.
  3. Accomodation: Place to stay or accomodate while travelling for rest or overnight stays.
  4. Amenities: All the other services which we require while travelling for good and comfortable living while travel such as food, drinking water, sanitary, etc.
  5. Activities: It includes activities which a place or attraction holds such as nature walks, history & architecture, boating, views, health, etc.

All the above are major components that are taken into account in setting the branding strategy for the services and products of tourism.